23 reasons we have liftoff

Posted by Stewart Thomson - 321Gold.com

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Gold Starship: Family Reunion On Pluto?

1. Ladies and gentlemen, we have liftoff. The gold bullion rocket has taken off. I warned those standing under the gold rocket trying to pick the next $50 move in gold, they would be vaporized. A huge contest in the gold community emerged to see who could totally ignore the Michaelangelic head and shoulders pattern, while making the greatest prediction on how low gold would go. 1000, 980, 950 were all popular predictions of the micro men. Many went short, with a genius play to make money on the way to their imaginary targets.

2. Do you really think people so focused on gold’s decline really owned gold themselves? No. They blew out their core positions to play ‘gold hamburger flipper.’ The burger landed on the floor and the banksters just stomped on it. The flippers are dead.

3. As I write this at 4am, gold has surged to almost 1100, and the gold top callers are nothing but a pile of charcoal, buried with their systems, micro charts, and golden tiddly wink forecasting kits. They’ve been calling the top from 905! That’s almost $200 of total failure.

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