War, Precious Metals, Mining Stocks

Posted by Bob Moriarty via ProvenandProbable

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Bob Moriarty the founder of 321gold and 321energy sits down with Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable to discuss some very, very important topics affecting everyone.  Bob addresses his concerns with the bifurcation between Candidate Trump and President Trump as he discusses the recent bombings on Syria and Afghanistan and the potential threat of war with North Korea and or Russia. Mr. Moriarty, discusses the big elephant in the room which is the U.S. Debt/Bond Market and the resolve, or lack thereof, for the government to create a solution. Bob shares with listeners the merits on stewardship of precious metals and which metals he is procuring at the moment and why. Listeners will also discover some truly spectacular junior mining companies that have offer a unique value proposition for investors.

Scroll Down for TRANSCRIPT:

Maurice:  Welcome to Proven & Probable where we focus on Metals, Mining and More. I’m your host, Maurice Jackson. Joining us today is the founder of 321gold and 321energy.com and the author of two of my personal favorite books, The Art of Peace and Nobody Knows Anything. Bob Moriarty, thank you for joining us, sir.

Bob:  Sure. It’s a pleasure to be here.

Maurice:  You know, when it comes to putting a succinct picture together on the relationship with politics, geopolitics, and the value proposition it presents in the natural resource space, speculators turn to Bob Moriarty.

Bob, President Trump famously stated in 2017 that the United States is not the world’s police force, and within 45 days, bombs Syria and Afghanistan. What are the short-term and most important long-term implications regarding these actions?

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