USD -Decline setting up significant profit opportunities …

Posted by Sean Brodrick - Uncommon Wisdom

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Profit opportunities for the quick and bold …

For weeks now on and on my blog, I’ve been talking about the new downleg in the U.S. dollar. This is bullish for commodities in general.

I’ve also been talking about how oil prices are running up even though we haven’t seen a return of U.S. demand AND how China’s economy seems to be recovering faster and even revving up.

These three things — the dollar, oil and China — are tied together, and they open the door to tremendous profit opportunities for the quick and the bold.

Looking at a weekly chart of the U.S. dollar index, you can see it has broken important support. The easiest path is lower, and it should test support at 80.

If that fails, its next support is 77.70. After that … well, then we get into “ouch” territory. This kind of move should be extremely bullish for commodities.

Let’s talk about how oil prices keep charging higher.

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