US Real Estate Train Wreck – time to buy?

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I have been writing for a very long time about the coming debacle that the commercial real estate problem is going to be. This week’s Outside the Box is an interview that my good friend David Galland did with Andy Miller, a man on the inside of the coming commercial real estate crisis. I thought it was very revealing, as there are so many nuances to the problem. For instance, in some cases, if you default and walk away from the loan you may trigger huge taxes as the loan loss to the bank is now considered income to you. Ouch! So many strings to unravel as you figure this one out.

I asked David if I could use this as an Outside the Box, and he agreed. This was from Casey Research, a very good source for non-mainstream investment ideas. You can learn more or subscribe at a discount here.

I really think you will find this a very easy and informative read. Have a great week.

Your writing from Monaco on my way to Zurich analyst,

John Mauldin, Editor
Outside the Box


An Insider’s View of the Real Estate Train Wreck

“No one has been more right on the housing market in recent years. So, what’s coming next? Some of the housing numbers in the last few months look a little less ugly. Could housing be getting ready to get well?”

….whole article HERE.