Uranium Super Deposits

Posted by Dave Forest - Pierce Points

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Holy Grail-ism

Just arrived back home in Vancouver.

Sixteen hours on airplanes yesterday gave me the chance to finish reviewing a lot of uranium material. (For those of you finding the uranium theme long-in-the-tooth, we will get back to regularly scheduled programming this week, I promise.)

Most of my latest research focused on uranium’s big prize. Unconformity-style (sometimes half-truthfully called basin-style) deposits.

The mining business often falls victim to “Holy Grail-ism”. We get fixated on the largest, richest and most valuable deposits. What if we found the next Carlin Trend? Or the next Voisey’s Bay?

But for most metals, the chances of finding another super-giant look-alike are slim. There’s simply too big a bell-curve out in nature to hope you will land on the upper tail. And too many people who’ve been looking for “the mother lode” for a long time.

But in uranium, focusing on the top deposits is more defensible.

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