Two of the Cheapest Stock Markets in the World

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Many of my veteran subscribers who loaded up on gold early are experiencing something that very few investors ever experience. They are slowly and systematically getting rich. And how have they done it?

They’ve done it the right way. Get in on an item (gold, in this instance) that is seriously undervalued, and continue to buy that item as it morphs into a mighty bull market. Richard Russell Dow Theory Letters


Two of the Cheapest Stock Markets in the World

08/17/10 Gaithersburg, Maryland – Every year, I go to the Agora Financial Investment Symposium in Vancouver, both as speaker and attendee. It’s jampacked with people from all over the world who gather at the Fairmont Hotel to share ideas. As soon as I walk into that grand old railway hotel, I know there will be some surprises. This year was no different.

Ideas were not in short supply, but some ideas were more common than others. More than a few speakers spoke well of gold and oil. Most had dim views of the economy and the stock market. And there were at least a handful whose best ideas hailed from some emerging market.

A couple of my favorite ideas came from investors based in Dubai and Moscow. Whole markets rarely go on sale, but here we have two examples of stock markets trading for about 6 times earnings.

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