Top Ten Craziest Things that Happened at the Democrats’ Convention

Posted by Kevin DuJan - HillBuzz

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Last night I watched the entirety of the Democrats’ Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina so you didn’t have to, because we’re friends like that, and I’m apparently a glutton for punishment.  I’ve always wondered how straight guys really feel when they complain about having to sit through something interminable like the Academy Awards where they wonder how much longer this thing on the screen can drag on…and I think I understand a little of that this morning.  The Republican Convention at times felt like an Oscars’ telecast too, when various lists of names were read aloud and the audience in their seats politely applauded, but the Democrats’ telecast last night was just dull with what seemed like endless screaming and yelling into the microphone. Honestly, if you’d had asked me two days ago if I would have dreamed that something with almost nonstop screaming and yelling could be DULL, I’d have laughed at you, but somehow Democrats pulled that off.  I actually have a pounding headache today from the at times endless parade of Democrats who ranted and raved in rambling diatribes. Here and there, that angry wall of sound was punctuated by ten moments of genuine craziness you probably should know about for any chats by the water cooler today.

10. Governor Ted Strickland of Ohio embarrassed my home state by actually saying, and I quote:  ”If Mitt Romney were Santa Claus he’d have fired the reindeer and outsourced the elves!”.  This was just embarrassing.  Since he left office in 2010, Strickland has lost all ability to speak to people on camera. He yelled into the microphone and told really bad “jokes” at Mitt Romney’s expense, like that Santa thing.  ”If Mitt Romney were a soda can, he’d be the one where the tab broke off and you’d have to get a fork or something to pry it open and it would explode in your face because Mitt Romney hates you”.  There was a lot of rambling Occupy Wall Street garbage here, with Strickland saying Romney was too wealthy but Barack Obama could relate to regular people.  Oh, really?  Surprisingly enough Strickland didn’t tell everyone about the $35 million beachfront mansion that wealthy Chicago bankers are currently purchasing for the Obamas to live in after they leave Washington in January.  The only thing funny about Strickland’s speech is how stupid these attacks on wealth are when the people who have lived-it-up the most on other people’s dime are THE OBAMAS.

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