The True Story on Nuclear Power

Posted by The Mad Hedge Fund Trader

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Having once worked for the Atomic Energy Commission at the Nuclear Test Site in Nevada, I do have some insights into the melt down at Fukushima. The media is wallowing in an orgy of misinformation that is approaching epic proportions. This is what happens when you rely on journalism and English majors for your analysis of nuclear physics, and throw in a dollop of fear and emotion for good measure.

For a start, the General Electric (GE) design of the six Fukushima plants succeeded. With the earthquake now upgraded to a 9.0 on the Richter scale, these facilities withstood an earthquake ten times greater than their maximum design specification. Thank goodness for Japanese engineering. The design of these plants, lacking a graphite core, makes a Chernobyl type disaster impossible. Nothing is going to explode; the fuel used is too diluted.