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The shear level of volatility and the violence of the moves in all markets was a powerful motivation to bring together the  Finest Calibre of Independent Financial analysts in this Conferences 18 year historyand deliver them to you via this Live Broadcast. As host of Canada’s top rated financial show, MoneyTalks, heard across the country on the Corus radio network I’ve made it my job over the past 27 years to avail myself of the top minds with the top records in the financial business.

Financial programs and conferences often feature cheerleaders for a variety of products or industries, which is why independent analysis is so important. MoneyTalks is Canada’s top rated financial show for good reason. It is the only show of it’s type and the World Outlook Conference may be the only seminar to clearly warn of the impending dangers in the 2008.  At a MoneyTalks Conference in Nov. 2007, independent analysts Peter Grandich of the Grandich Letter warned that “an unprecedented economic tsunami will hit American beginning in 2008”. In that same Conference Independent analyst Bob Hoye of Institutional Investors warned that a contraction of credit would reap havoc with all financial assets. Bob Hoye warned again at the World Outlook Conference on Feb. 2008 when he said, “We are experiencing the beginning of the greatest train wreck in the history of credit.”

These are talented analysts. If you were to book just an hour with any one of them the cost would be upwards of $5,000 but now you can watch them present their views and charts from comfort of your own home through our special  Live internet Broadcast Feb. 6th and 7th, 2009.


Michael Campbell,
Host Of MoneyTalks, Corus Radio