The Markets are talking

Posted by David Rosenberg - Gluskin Sheff

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In today’s issue of Breakfast with Dave

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• While you were sleeping: the markets that are open today saw no major swings, but the tone is a tad positive in both the fixed income and equity markets

• Market comment: in May, U.S. equity market suffered their worst monthly performance since February 2009

• Let the market do the talking: Historically, the S&P 500 bottoms when it gets 13% below the 50-day moving average and 24% below the 200-day moving average

• The real deal on the U.S. consumer

• Deflation risks intact in the U.S.

• U.S. leading indicators rolling over

• ECRI as an investment strategy tool

• U.S. leading indicators rolling over

• Consumer sentiment in the U.S. is up, but still looking recessionary

• Are we past the peak in the industrial sector?

• The economy still vulnerable to shocks

• Still bullish on gold

• BoC policy music — Should I stay or Should I Go?

• U.S. PPI in pictures

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