The Cheapest Way to Buy Silver

Posted by Dr. Steve Sjuggerud via Hugh Clarke Endeavour Silver

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“What’s the best way to buy silver?”

At lunch on Saturday, I asked the guy who would know… my longtime friend Michael Checkan of Asset Strategies International.

I’ve personally relied on Michael for his straight-up opinions since we first met in the 1990s. He’s been a dealer of precious metals and foreign currencies for the last 44 years.

So who would know the best way to buy silver better than Michael?

One of Michael’s favorite ideas today is “junk silver.”

You buy junk silver for the low price and the convenience.

Junk silver isn’t junk, really… It’s simply U.S. silver coins minted before 1965 that have no collector’s value today. They’re just valued for their metal content.

It doesn’t matter if it’s dimes, nickels, or quarters in a bag of junk silver coins… All these coins minted before 1965 contain 90% silver by weight.

Right now, junk silver trades at a much lower premium over melt value than silver coins minted yesterday at the U.S. Mint.

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