The 3 Most Read Articles Of This Week

Posted by Money Talks Editor

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With continued uncertainty and chaos in global markets the authors of these 3 articles clarify key markets direction 1. “Something Has Radically Changed” 2. A Significant Turn In The US Dollar 3. Crude Oil Price Trend Forecast

1. “Something Has Radically Changed”

    by Larry Edelson

Quite a surprise when Gold fell into a bear market in reaction to the Fed’s 2011 QE III – the nearly unlimited money-printing blitz. A historical review tells us when we can expect inflation and another important underlying force that you need to understand….

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2. A Significant Turn In The US Dollar

    by Victor Adair & Michael Campbell

Victor on the importance a May 3rd turnaround in the US Dollar, the most influential and strategic currency traded, and the near term direction of Gold & the CDN Dollar. He also describes a positioning risk tool that he uses a lot in determining where other markets are going. 

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3. Crude Oil Price Trend Forecast

Implications for Stock Market – “the oil price has clawed it’s way back relentlessly through a series of critical levels of first $30, $35, $40, and most recently popping above $45 to stand at a high for the year of $48! Nearly DOUBLING in THREE MONTHS!”

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