The 3 Most Interesting Articles Of This Week

Posted by Money Talks Editor

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1. Dismal performance of actively managed funds

by Sensible Investing TV

The 3rd part of the incredible behind the scenes look at the multi- billion dollar investment industry. The stories fund managers world-wide would rather you didn’t see! – more HERE


3.  “Buy high quality assets overseas for next to nothing”

by Simon Black

When I did the math in my head last week, I had to pull out my phone’s calculator just to make sure I hadn’t mentally misplaced the decimal point.

It turns out I was right. My rental car in Cape Town would cost me just $8/day. And that included all the silly taxes and fees and nonsense – read more HERE


3. The Great Deflationary Collapse Continues …

by Larry Edelson

One, there’s simply way too much debt in the world. At more than $200 trillion of official total global debts — there is simply no way printing money could offset the deleveraging process that must occur.

….read all HERE