Stocks and Gold

Posted by Mark Leibovit - VR Trader

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The ‘Buy’ signal issued the week before last looks very timely now as cyclical forces came into play as predicted herein. We traded the long side using the stock index ETFs last week, but sold our positions Friday, booking big profits. This rally is clearly only a dead-cat bounce. Again, I will admonish you to ‘Not fall in love with the upside’. We’re still in a bear market and it’s way, way too early to be calling for generational lows as some pundits are saying. If my analysis is correction about comparing the current cyclical market environment NOT to the Great Depression but back to the Panic of 1837, we’re looking at a rally try later this year or next followed by several more years of economic and presumably stock market malaise. The Panic of 1837 stemmed from widespread real estate speculation and the failure of numerous banks. The fact that no alive can recall 1837 is the possible reason you’re not hearing the financing media talk about it. But, after mentioning Good news that triggers market rallies will, in my view, confirm nothing more than the ‘Slope of Hope’ so characteristic of bear markets. It is the mirror image of the infamous ‘Wall of Worry’ that characterizes bull markets where bad news reconfirms the uptrend. Confusing? That’s why so many people don’t make money in the stock market. And, that’s also a good reason that many who do subscribe to



You should be buying sell-offs. Don’t even hesitate! Pray that gold declines so you can add to your position. The world economic system needs gold and you need to own it!


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