Socialism Collapse – Where to Invest

Posted by Martin Armstrong: Armstrong Economics

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The collapse of socialism in the West will follow a similar course as the collapse of communism in Russia and China. The political system will be forced to adapt. Much of the old politicians have outstayed their welcome and the ravages of time. By 2016, most will be swept away and a new monetary system as we know it will be forced upon us. The national debt will crumble and it will be a time of hardship for those who counted on fixed income sucking the blood out of governments on all levels.

The promises of socialism the politicians have made for so long but lack the funds to have ever made it a reality, will crumble and fall to dust. When they can no longer sell more debt upon debt, the music will stop. The jig will be up and the walls will come crashing down. Society will need to be rebooted and hopefully we will enter a new age of enlightenment that will enable great minds to come together to carve out a future that is hopefully one that draws from the lessons of the past making a step forward in the evolutionary process of mankind (if you indulge my dreams).