Six out of ten people worldwide use mobile phones

Posted by Ray Kurzweil: Accelerating-Intelligence

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About 60 percent of the world’s population now uses mobile phones, with approximately 4.1 billion mobile-phone subscriptions annually, according to a report just released by the International Telecommunications Union — an increase from about one billion users in 2002.

“There has been a clear shift from fixed to mobile cellulartelephony, especially since the turn of the century,” the report says. “By the end of 2008, there were over three times more mobile cellular subscriptions than fixed telephone lines).

“In contrast to the growth in the mobile sector, fixedtelephony has experienced nearly no growth in the last decade. Indeed, fixed line global penetration has been stagnating at just under 20 per cent for the last years. While the number of fixed telephone lines is actually decreasing in many developed countries, it tends to show very small growth rates in developing countries, where penetration rates stand at 14 per cent.”