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16 Apr 2013 – What’s Next for Gold?

Is this the buying opportunity of the next decade or the end of the 12 year bull market in gold? There will be no shortage of analysts lining up on both sides of the debate – So what’s next and what should you do….

12 Apr 2013 – Gold Has Broken Down to a New Range

The market has sent a clear message on gold with the series of trading range breakdowns. It has provided yet another very powerful reminder that your job as an investor is to take action based on what the market IS doing – not what you think it should be doing…..

08 Apr 2013 – Gold Update

Traders will buy the dip but will be ready to exit positions on any move below the recent low of $1538 and be long gone if it breaks $1520. As you’d expect long term gold bulls are still convinced that the central bank’s debasement of paper currencies and the diminishing confidence in government will fuel the bull market. I agree but I think they are early….

03 Apr 2013 Gold Disappoints

I could have written that headline on a regular basis since the first week in October when I exited gold. It’s had every excuse to rally but hasn’t. The key question is whether the recent weakness is a buying opportunity or a warning….

17 Mar 2013 – Cyprus Bailout Just One More Warning

Arugably the key quesiton in the markets today is – what event could surpirse the markets and change the “risk on” mentality that is pushing the stock markets higher on the back of central bank’s creation of money….

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