“So when does it all end badly?”

Posted by Jack Crooks - Black Swan Capital

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FX Trading – Sick and tired of “sanction of the victim”

“It is a moral crime to give money to support ideas with which you disagree. It is 
a moral crime to give money to support your own destroyers.” –
Ayn Rand

Is it a stretch to say the Chinese wish to destroy the United States?  Maybe!  But it isn’t a      stretch to say that China wants to become the primary global economic and military power in the world.  It is why the G‐20 was so fresh with irony. We have China and Germany teaming together for the “sanction of the victim” ‐‐ the United States. Even though it is US liquidity that is keeping both their economies afloat, now that Germany has become attached at the Chinese hip.  

You know what they say boys: Be careful what you wish for … it may come true!  I guess it doesn’t translate well into either Chinese or German.  

Bashed, indeed, Mr. Obama was at the G‐20; and for a lot of good reasons.  But, the reality is this problem in the global economy is first and foremost a global imbalanc problem with China and Germany (to a lesser degree) as the two spoiled children creating a problem they fail to admit.

German Finance Minister Schauble, tell us again how that single currency regime, structured primarily by your country to your own benefit by creating a captive market for your industrialists knowing all too well by locking the other countries into a system whereby they cannot adjust to compete with Germany’s efficiencies, i.e. the straightjacket of the euro, is working for you?   

Oh yes, you are correct Mr. Schauble ‐‐ it is working very well.  Germany is sucking the air completely out of the eurozone as the others are wheezing on life support.  Nicely done!  And you hammer the US for liquidity generation?  That is fresh!  

Why so fresh?  Well it is US liquidity and ability to take on China’s huge manipulated trade surplus that is creating the demand for Germany’s industrial orders, Mr. Schauble, in case you hadn’t noticed.  Ahh … no good turn goes unpunished, does it Mr. Schauble?    

But not to be outdone in the hypocrisy department, China, always one to love sanctioning its victims, tries to turn the G‐20 into a US bash fest.  And because the so‐ called leaders of most other countries are a bunch of weenies, afraid China will turn its….

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