Precious Metals Support & Resistance Levels

Posted by ChartWorks - Ross Clark for Institutional Advisors

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Precious Metals End Third Week of Consolidation on the Downside   

Our  technical  calculations  called  for  an  interim  high  in  gold  and  silver  in  mid  August.    The  subsequent 11%  decline  in  gold  prices  into  August  26th  was  similar  in  magnitude  with  the  other  8%  to  15% corrections  since  the  implementation  of  QE.    However,  it  only  took  2  ½  days.  Short­lived  corrections  in  bull  markets  typically  run  five  to  nine  days  with  major  ones  stretching  six  to  eight  weeks  (as  seen  this spring).