Powerful Goldman Sachs now Powerfully Bullish Gold

Posted by Goldman Sachs comments by Zerohedge, Richard Russell

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……read the whole 9 page Goldman report HERE

“Gold Market Poised For A Rally As US Real Rates Head Lower”

The recent sell-off has left speculative long positions in gold oversold relative to US real interest rates, which we believe has set the stage for a rally to our 6-month gold price target of $1,300/toz.

Via ZeroHedge: Goldman dedicates 9 pages to a regime change in which it goes openly bullish on gold. The report is attached, which we present without commentary but as always, if there is one flashing red light saying the peak price for any asset has been hit, it is a Strong Buy signal by Goldman. The report will likely result in a brief pop in spot over the next 24 hours as the idiot money rushes into the latest Goldman trap. Alas, it also means that GS is now offloading. Be very wary of market dynamics over the next month.

Richard Russell: The Fed didn’t come up with anything dramatic or exciting. There wasn’t even an announcement of plans for further “quantitative easing.” The Fed will continue to keep short rates at zero — and this for an extended period of time.  Ed Note: Richard Russell has been “wracking my brain trying to come up with a vehicle that will allow (his) subscribers to receive some much-needed income.” In today’s letter he wrote about his solution to that difficult problem. It is an elegant solution and since his daily letter is only $300 a year, you might want to think about availing yourself of his valuable service. Especially since (The Hulbert Financial Digest has the 85 year old Russell tied for top place as a market timer on a risk-adjusted basis for the last 30 years, since 1980). Go HERE if you want to subscribe.

……read the whole 9 page Goldman report HERE