Non-redeemable GICs

Posted by Bank of Nova Scotia

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Non-redeemable GICs generally yield a higher return because your funds are locked-in and cannot be cashed before the maturity date.

  • Guaranteed interest rate
  • Security of principal
  • Features


  • Available for Non-Registered, RRSP or RRIF portfolios.
  • Competitive rates and a full range of terms from 30 days to 10 years for non-registered GICs, and 90 days to 5 years for RRSPs/RRIFs.
  • Interest payment options ranging from monthly to annually.
  • Rate can be “reserved” or pre-booked up to 14 days in advance on renewals and new purchases for non-registered plans.
  • Rates can be guaranteed for up to 35 days prior to maturity, and 60 days for RRSP/RRIF transfers-in
  • Can be renewed automatically on maturity.
  • Existing GICs can be automatically transferred from your RRSP to your RRIF without any change in terms or rates.
  • U.S. dollar GICs can protect against currency fluctuations by providing regular income in U.S. dollars (non-registered only).
  • Issued by The Bank of Nova Scotia, Scotia Mortgage Corporation, Montreal Trust Company of Canada, and National Trust Company.