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Posted by Michael Berry , Ph.D. - Discovery Notes

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About a decade ago I began to realize that there was a big hole in investing theory and practice. At the time I didn’t realize that my ideas would morph into a new approach that I have named Discovery Investing. The question you might ask is how this investing discipline is different and, more importantly; how is it better than strategies that academe has provided.  1. DISCOVERY INVESTING

First, though, we must define the technique.  Discovery Investing is a discipline that seeks significant value creation through market recognition of a world class discovery.  For example the discovery of a cure or effective treatment for cancer would be worth billions of dollars as in the recent case of Imclone and its pancreatic cancer treatment Erbitux. More recently we recommended Western Silver as a Discovery company. After 6 years of drilling in Zacatecas, Mexico the company, under current Quaterra Resources CEO, Dr. Thomas Patton had discovered millions ounces of gold and several hundred million ounces of silver.

Some of the most interesting discovery names today include companies such as MegaWest Energy, Revett Minerals (Mining silver and copper), Quaterra Resources (diversified world class metal discovery), Senesco Technologies (Cancer), Neuralstem (ALS), Silver Wheaton, Endeavour Silver, Ventana (Gold) and Antioquia (Gold).

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