Monday Morning Market Update #25

Posted by Rick Bekkering

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 Multitudes of material that an inquisitive investor can locate, subscribe to or just find in their junk e-mail box collecting cyber dust. Much of these opinions and the packages they arrive in are self-promoting and/or  besieged with advertising and sponsorships. There are however, as I have talked about in the past…some very informative and unbiased opinions and information circling around us. After seeing enough “opinions and recommendations” it becomes a little easier with each passing year to eliminate sort and process said materials. One of the newsletters that I like and find strong investment ideas from is Keth Schaefer’s “Oil and Gas Investment Bulletin.”


Keith has been focusing lately on the BC LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) build out. So what we are talking about is: 12 proposals to ship LNG now, 1st one will be small, but start in Q2 2015. Next one likely not until 2017 and Lots of background work to do—pipelines, power ect. There is potential for a multi-year run for service companies. With huge spending to develop reserves there will be 7.5 billion in construction per bcf export….astonishing. By 2020 there will likely be 3-5 bcf exported in LNG, that equates to a lot of dollars into drilling, fracking, new pipeline, terminal facilities. Keith refers to this as the Pig in the Python, and I like the analogy. The BC election has set the clear path for large scale LNG.