Spin of the Year in Misleading the Public!

Posted by Michael Campbell

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  I want you to think how many times in the last several weeks you were told that the violence that took the lives of a US Ambassador and three others in Benghazi Libya, was a result of a reaction to a 14 – 15 minute anti-Muslim film that appeared on YouTube.


A couple weeks ago I said that was absolute nonsense. That somehow we were being told (this was perpetrated just by coincidence on the anniversary of September 11) that this so-called “spontaneous demonstration” included people with rocket launchers! I actually got some very negative e-mails on that I might add.

Well now we know. Last Friday the director of national intelligence, James Clapper,  issued an unusual statement and said how the picture that intelligence agencies presented to US policymakers “had evolved” to an acknowledgement that the attacks were “deliberate, organized, and carried out by extremists”. Another senior official said “we faced a coordinated military style assault. We’ve never seen that kind of attack before”.

Yet at every step of the way we were given another story.

By now it is clear by the admissions of the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community that within two hours of the attack they were told the suspicion was it was Al-Qaeda related. I just find this astounding! That we had the no talk of this coming out of the Administration or the United States UN Ambassador? Its absolutely outrageous!

There are so many examples of them saying this was an attack that was in response to this anti-Muslim video, and yet Reuters on September 12 cited US government officials saying that the attacks may have been planned and organized in advance. Thats the day AFTER they said they were planned and organized in advance! That members of a group called Ansar Al-Sharia and AQIM would’ve been involved, yet we never got an inkling of that. The talking point was it was spontaneous, that it was in response to this video. It was absolute nonsense then. and now it has been specifically verified.

That is going to be in the small list of qualifiers for spin of the year, in misleading the public in the year. Why? Because it reflects that the US policy in the Mideast has certainly not worked to quell the anti-Western sentiment there.

That’s my Goofy!