Get Ready To Bow to Canada’s Aristocratic Ruling Class

Posted by Michael Campbell

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Editorial –  “Governments, if they endure, always tend increasingly toward aristocratic forms.” The evidence suggests we’re already there and you’r paying for it. Outrageous recent increases in MP expense accounts is a minor example, there are much worse.

Getting Into Those Precious Metals At The Right Time

Michael interviews David Morgan, a precious metals aficionado armed with degrees in finance and economics as well as engineering. Morgans notes Silver has stopped on it’s recent run at $18 US and that the trading volume at the $16 mark is key to assess whether the next move is down or up. David gives a target for Gold in its current correction and elaborates on the long term dramatic move up he sees. Also points out established mid size and large producers. 

 Get your free Report from David Morgan at this link

To download the entire show please go to – (scroll down a little bit). By 2pm today the entire show will be broken down into 10 youtube segments here – M/T Ed

How You’ll Know Your Society Is Doomed

Quote of the Week comes from an author whose comments are particularly pertinent considering today’s political shenanigans in Ottawa and Washington. Behavior that is causing a phenomenal stir about a certain book by an insider due to be published next week

One of the Worst, Potentially Dangerous Ideas

This hate mail of the week generated an unusual flood of protest to what Mike thinks is one of the dumbest and most superficial ideas that is regularly proposed. It boils down to screw economics and finance…

A Reason For Canadians To Be Proud

Ozzie Jurock’s got a stat that will shock with what Canadians are up to. Plus a hot part of the market that few are aware of…

Live From The Trading Desk

Victor sees a surprising move in the Canadian Dollar, looks at Crude supply disruptions and more on the US Dollar and Central Bank actions

You’re Just Too Dumb To Vote

Oh boy, this weeks Goofy addresses the belief of so much of the progressive movement that the general public is just not smart enough to vote properly. That’s why there will be no referendum on electoral reform….believe it or not!

No, This Is What Is Strangling the Economy

Shocking Stat – How about 454 laws goverrning towels, 652 regulations for coffee and 91 regulations for showers – and that’s just in the service sector. You won’t believe some of the regulation that suffocate life in Europe.