Market Thoughts – Stocks, Bonds, Gold – Economy

Posted by David Rosenberg - Gluskin Sheff

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In today’s issue of Breakfast with Dave

• While you were sleeping: global equity markets are rallying today, shrugging off yesterday’s reversal in the U.S. markets; strong economic data out of Australia and China; bonds selling off modestly

• Yield theme continues unabated: bond funds saw inflows of $4.25bln last week, while equity funds posted a $654mln outflow

• Market thoughts: the critical 1,040 threshold on the S&P 500 has indeed held, but for how much longer?

• Demand for gold … coming from many sources: it is no longer about investor demand through ETFs driving the gold price, physical demand for gold coins and bars are also very strong

• Apps slaps: it is truly amazing to contemplate a sustainable recovery in U.S. housing when mortgage applications for purchases are down significantly

• Leading the leader

….read David’s summary HERE

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