Market Forecast: Gold Price & Gold Stocks

Posted by Resource Capital Research

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Gold Price Outlook

Gold has continued to set new records in the June 2010 Quarter, with an all time high (Comex close) of US$1,256.80 reached on 18 June 2010.  Overall, the gold price finished the June quarter with a 13% rise. In the twelve months to June 30 2010 it was up by 34%.

Since the start of 2008, gold has stood head and shoulders above other major asset classes, appreciating by 49% while equity markets, the oil price, copper price (to name just a few) are still in negative territory over that period. Gold’s all time high on
18 June 2010 was US$1,256.80/ounce, and it finished the June quarter up 13%.

So how does one go about predicting the gold price from here?

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