Majors Rediscovering British Columbia

Posted by Rick Mills - AheadOfTheHerd

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As a general rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information.

Many of the world’s largest mining companies used to have a strong presence in British Columbia—they left in the 1970s after the political landscape changed. Today’s provincial Liberal government has been trying to remake BC into an investable and attractive place for the mining industry to do business again.

“The mining industry is a cornerstone of our provincial economy. Right now there are hundreds of exploration projects underway across BC injecting millions of dollars into communities and creating jobs.” -BC Premier Gordon Campbell, Liberal
Vancouver BC is undoubtedly one of the greatest mining centers in the world, and British Columbia should be a mining powerhouse, consider:

  • Excellent geology
  • Good transportation system
  • Reasonable mining regulations
  • Competitive tax rates
  • Strategic location with respect to Asian markets. Two modern ports, Vancouver—Canada’s largest and the Port of Prince Rupert, which is the closest of any of North America’s West Coast ports to Asia—up to 58 hours of sailing time shorter
  • High-quality and easily accessible geological data
  • Mining-friendly provincial government
  • Communities receptive to resource extraction as a livelihood
  • Attractive exploration incentives
  • BC is the third-largest generator of hydro electricity in Canada—one of the lowest power costs in North America. Natural gas is plentiful, cheap and resources are growing
  • Some of the most modern education and telecommunications infrastructure in the world

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