Jim Rogers and Peter Schiff Interviewed

Posted by GoldSeek Radio

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  • Chris welcomes back Jim Rogers from his Singapore office, who says a financial crisis is imminent. 
  • His largest currency position remains the US dollar, which will likely rally into a bubble which eventually implodes in spectacular fashion. 
  • Although not a safe haven, the US dollar seems impervious relative to most global currencies, for the moment. 
  • He continues to monitor the gold market for signs of capitulation, to add to his stockpile. 
  • Russian and Chinese firms present appealing investment opportunities. 
  • Jim Rogers holds short positions in US shares, in anticipation of further volatility on the heels of the Fed rate hikes.
  • The zinc market is off over 90%, making ETF shares (ZINC) a potential turn around candidate in the coming weeks / months / years. 
  • Chairman of SchiffGold.com, Peter Schiff returns to the show with dire warnings of a looming currency crisis.
  • His work indicates that eventually, momentum will return to the gold market, making $100+ days commonplace culminating $5,000 gold.
  • The multi-year bull market in stocks may be viewed in retrospect as a Fed fomented bubble, which crushes million of retirement portfolios. 
  • Artificially low rates inspired large corporations to repurchase their shares via cheap debt, which can only end badly for investors. 
  • Although US retail sales are solid, better leading economic indicators like the Dallas Manufacturing Index and the US Weekly Leading Index are rolling over (Figures 1.1. & 1.2.). 
  • The dollar was on the verge of collapse during the credit crisis, but was saved by the bailout.
  • The next decline will require the formation of an entirely new currency.