Harvard’s Massive Cheating Scandal

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Half Of The Students In Harvard’s Massive Cheating Scandal Have Been Forced To Withdraw

We’re finally hearing about the fallout from a massive cheating scandal that shook Harvard University’s campus last summer, in which 125 students were investigated for plagiarism and other academic misconduct surrounding their final exams.

More than half the students who were investigated by the school’s administrative board have been required to withdraw from the college for a period of time, Boston.com reported.

Of the remaining cases, around half received disciplinary probation, and the rest were dismissed, according to the news website.

Harvard’s Dean of Faculty of Arts and Sciences informed members of the school community about the results of the board’s investigations in a campus-wide email.

School officials said in August that they had discovered suspicious similarities while reading through students’ year-end take-home exams over the summer. The cases were heard by the school’s administrative board and decided throughout the fall and winter, Boston.com reported.

All of the students involved in the incident were in the same 279-person undergraduate course, Government 1310: “Introduction to Congress.”

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