Gold Oil Stocks Bonds Market Update

Posted by Peter Grandich -

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U.S. Stock Market – The U.S. stock market is in the eye of an economic, social, political and spiritual hurricane that first hit its shores in 2008. Eventually, what has been seen in Europe shall be but an “opening act” to what shall play out here in America.  In the meantime, yours truly took out a “temporary” membership card in the “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” crowd, but know it shall likely expire once Santa is safely back and resting at the North Pole.

Gold – “Mother” of all gold bull markets continues. The gold perma-bears and weak-kneed bulls shall once again find only coal in their Christmas stockings.




U.S. Bonds – Avoid just like one should avoid buying any pictures of Roberto Luongo hoisting the Stanley Cup – they’re both pipedreams.


U.S. Dollar – A faint blip up in the U.S. economy and the Euro mess has allowed the terminally ill Uncle Sam currency to stay in a fairly tight trading range. I’m looking for new lows for the dollar in 2012 and beyond.


Oil and Natural Gas – I’ve moved up my bottom range for oil from $75 to $85 and continue to believe we shall see $100+ before the ball falls in Times Square. The more natural gas is under $4 the more I like it.



Grandich Publications Clients

Abacus Mining & Exploration Corp – In a quiet period that hopefully shall end before too long.

Alderon Iron Ore – If you think 2011 was good, 2012 IMHO can be even better.

Argus Metals Corp – Some flashes of greatness but still has a lot of work ahead of it to end up the exception to the rule.

Cap-Ex Ventures – The stars seem to be lining up for it. Stay tuned.

Crosshair – The Company is doing much better South of the Border. I suspect it shall become a U.S. story in 2012 and beyond.

Crescent Resources – Back near square one and awaiting word from the Company on it plans on moving off the square.

Donner Metals – It’s so close to becoming one of the small minority of juniors who make it all the way to production, one can taste it. Here’s to David Patterson’s tireless efforts bearing full fruit.

Donnybrook Energy – I’ve no special insight but I think come this time next year the company may no longer be independent.

Enertopia Corp – Please read this.

Excelsior Mining – One should always be aware of my potential conflicts of interest and biases: my 2.5 million shares ownership of MIN shares (that can change at any time) and my extreme fondness for Mark Morabito and the Exploration Group must be fully understood when taking into account anything I say.  Having said that, I’m anticipating a banner year for MIN in 2012, and its long base-building around $.60 is setting the stage for the share price to move to much higher levels if the sizzle can turn into steak.

Garibaldi Resources – Not much info out in 2011. I hope to see management while I’m in Vancouver.

Heatherdale Resources – Better days in 2012 are the plan. Fingers and toes crossed.

Northcliff Resources – It remained rather quiet in 2011, but I have a good feeling that can change in 2012.

Northern Dynasty Minerals – It has been my albatross… but if it’s everything we had hoped for (but have been disappointed or sidetracked for what now feels like an eternity), it should start to bare fruit in 2012 (hoping it’s not just sour grapes)

Oromin Explorations – Another client I think that, come this time next year, may no longer be independent.

Rathdowney Explorations – Like its sister company Northcliff, I’m optimistic it can awaken in 2012.

Ridgemont Iron Ore – Please read.

Silver Quest Resources – I will be meeting with CEO Randy Turner while in Vancouver.

Spanish Mountain Gold – I had a good chat with Chairman Ian Watson and the future appears bright at SPA.

Sunridge Gold – In all my years speculating/gambling in juniors, no one company’s share price has ever seemingly been more separated from company fundamentals than SGC. Here’s to them coming much more aligned in 2012.

Timmins Gold – Trading in the U.S. should only help this emerging gold producer.

Please Note
Curis Resources – My working relationship with Curis Resources ends shortly and while I’m still overall positive on them, my personal holdings and working relationship with Excelsior Mining has come to a point where I can’t fairly service CUV. I wish them well.

Formation Metals– After first working for Formation Metals back in the 90s, and on and off since then, I no longer have the appropriate confidence one needs to effectively do the job and have resigned effective at months-end.

Tracking List
I’m comfortable holding most of the major mining producers on my list as I’m looking for gold and silver to continue working their way higher for the balance on 2011 and into 2012.

Uranium stocks are clearly contrarian plays as the vast majority of experts who not too-long ago saw $150 or even $200+ uranium prices now can’t see prices getting out of their way for as far as the eye can see. This suits me fine.

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