Gold, Food, & Oil Key Tactics

Posted by Stewart Thompson - Graceland Updates

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1. For the past 6 months or so, I’ve tried to show the gold community the blood-relative link between GOLD and FOOD.

2. I’m talking about the markets, not the survival pouches of both gold and food, although that should not be ignored either. One of my richest paid subscribers, billionaire T-Rex, has been buying massive tracts of farmland over the past few years.

3. Jim “mighty man” Rogers has done the same, and Mighty Man calls the agricultural markets the best value in the world today.

4. Value plays are where all the real wealth is built, and food is right now the ultimate value play. The banksters understand this reality the best, and, not surprisingly, Elmer Fudd Public Investor has the lowest grasp of the concept, and the lowest wealth. Fudd, if you can believe it, is actually net short the food markets, with huge leverage, against the banksters into the recent lows. He’s burning on fire now. He “knew” the food glut would never end. He’s got it all backwards. Everything he does in the market is all-backwards, totally wrong in tactics, totally wrong in timing.

5. I emphasized the new horror reported on Bloomberg News, the new horror that Elmer Fudd Public Investor has been focused on buying the “principal-protected” derivatives products, a “growth with safety” scam hawked to him by the laughing banksters, after they blew him to kingdom come in the stock and real estate markets. Fudd hates value, and he hates patience. He responds, knee-jerk style, to whatever he sees in the market today or reads in the news. His “knowledge” that low rates are “here to stay” is a prime example of his micro-mind in action. He demands immediate investment satisfaction within his fantasy timeframe, and obviously that mindset is the sole cause of all his agony. Wealth is built with an understanding of TIME & VALUE. Respect time, and understand there’s a reason it’s called “Father Time”, not “My Personal Slave is called Time”. Professionals understand time rules them, not the other way round. Most investors want “the juice”. If a market offers 1000% gains, they want to leverage it to make 10,000%. This thinking is madness for anything but wild gambling money. What the banksters do, and the best hedge fund managers do, and this point is all-critical, what they do is they leverage consistency.

6. If somebody is gaining 5% a year with tiny drawdowns, there is vastly more opportunity in leveraging that performance, than trying to figure out that since gold could rise to $1500, if I leverage that 10 times over, I make $3000. That’s true, but if the item has volatility, I’m wiped out long before I make any $3000 an ounce.

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