Emerging Economies: Decoupling? plus Gold and Silver

Posted by Michael Berry Ph.D

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We may have passed the tipping point.  Most commentators take this statement to mean that the economy has reached its tipping point.  We agree with that sentiment.  However I am more inclined to believe that the dollar has met its tipping point.  One look at gold and silver and you might believe the same.  You see as Dennis Gartman and I have been saying for some time they have become the Anti-currency.  Anti-currency?   Yes, gold in US dollars has powered higher – seems to want to stay above $1100 and make a base.  Silver doesn’t venture too much below $$16.80.  We have seen now 6 months of very strong pricing in these metals.  These precious metals are anathema to the fiat currencies and hence they compose the Anti-currency. No matter how much people seek a new a stable fiat currency regime it is probably not possible.

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