Gartman Inept, CNBC Wrong, Gold Demand off the Hook

Posted by King World News via Peter Grandich

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With tremendous volatility in gold and silver, and oil holding well above the $103 level, King World News interviewed John Embry, Chief Investment Strategist of the $10 billion strong Sprott Asset Management.  Embry told KWN that bullion dealers are telling him phones are ring off the hook and demand is incredible.  But first, here is what Embry had to say about recent events and what is happening in the gold market:  “I think perhaps the most bullish thing I saw yesterday was that Dennis Gartman has pronounced the end of the gold bull market as a result of the Fed’s actions.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Given Dennis’s unbelievably inept record at calling the gold price, in both directions, I regard this event as wildly bullish.”

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