Flawed Theories GOLD and Hot Stocks

Posted by Michael Berry , Ph.D. - Discovery Notes

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Today’s Notes:

1. Vancouver Cambridge Symposium January 17th.
2. The Golden Constant
2. Hockey Night in Canada


Yes, even in these days of dire economic straits for the entire world, there are opportunities in discovery for you to create legacy wealth. Gold is still one of those opportunities and today you must own and hold some gold bullion or coins.  Gold is morphing as you read this Morning Note into its true historical…

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Monday’s Notes:

1. Flawed Theories
2. Revett Minerals Agrees With Quaterra Resources

Most analysts tend to focus on the energy equation.  Access to cheap energy sources is critical for an economy to prosper.  “Cheap” is at least as important as “clean” when it comes to energy.  I want to discuss the recent ClimateGate scam that seems to have been discovered through an examination of IPCC emails on a university (East Anglia)computer in England.  Here the ultimate nature of the global warming research case is exposed.  

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