Faber : Markets are Significantly Overvalued….

Posted by Marc Faber via MarcFaberNews.com

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….and we are not seeing the Economic Growth story being supported in the Commodities Market

“There are some people now calling for DHIA 18,000 or 20,000 by year end,” “The S&P could then easily drop by 40%. the market needed the correction” starting in February or March, it did not correct, pull back, just dipped and buyers bought the dips into record territory.I thought maybe we were in a year like 1987, where the market goes up strongly between 1 Jan and 25 Aug. 25,. The market went up by 40% and then it crashed by 40% in 2 months’- Mr. Faber said in a recent TV interview.

Marc Faber – Gold Won’t Be Enough To Save You

 The Fed has been printing so much money it does not flow evenly through the system. Bubbles are created and Marc is concerned about a systemic crisis approaching.


Marc Faber : Gold is as Oversold as we were during the Crash in 1987


Marc Faber : “Because we are about in gold as oversold and we were essentially during the crash in 1987. From there we have a strong rebound. All I am saying as a trader I would probably enter the market quickly for a rebound of $20 or $40. From a longer term perspective, I would give it some time. We may go lower. I am not worried. I am happy gold is finally coming down, which will provide a very good entry point.” – in a recent interview

Marc Faber : The Government just fattens the pigs before they lead them to slaughter


Marc Faber : “We may get into a bubble,”  “One of the reasons that this may happen is one way or the other, central banks have to be discredited very badly.” 
“The government just fattens the pigs before they lead them to slaughter and they’re going to tax the well-to-do people … or expropriate them or do something against them whereby we will lose money, and a lot of money,” he said. “The well-to-do people … invest in assets because they think they’re going up.” – in livetradingnews