Energy and the Race to Innovate

Posted by Michael Berry , Ph.D. - Discovery Notes

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1. The Century’s New Cold War (Submitted by Christopher Berry)
2. The New Decade


Despite your thoughts on the recent events in Copenhagen, one thing is clear: “clean,” “alternative” or “green” energy is here to stay. It’s now up to Government and the private sector to find a balance between the global carbon-based energy supply/demand (where demand is increasing) and sustainable clean energy supply/demand (where there seems to be plenty of demand, but inadequate supply for a host of reasons, mainly the high cost). As discovery investors, concerned with cementing our legacies for our families, we should be asking how to invest in and profit from this emerging sector – whether it be with wind, solar, nuclear, biomass, or other emerging alternative energy technologies.

I’d like to advance an idea here.  The world is in the beginning stages of a new “Cold War.” If scientists, who warn us of impending climate doom, are proven correct we’re on the verge of another type of mutually assured destruction. The new Cold War I’m referring to revolves around the race to innovate and own energy technologies that can provide safe, clean, and most importantly cheap energy helping increase quality of life of the global populace. It is from these technologies that we can help foment a “green” revolution, strive for a better quality of life and, perhaps, avoid a MAD world.

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