Absolute Chaos During Dems Platform Vote

Posted by Various American Sources

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 If you’ve not yet seen this brief video, it’s worth watching. It captures the moment when Democrat conventioneers allegedly voted to amend their platform. (Video 1.31 mins)

When the first voice vote is taken, it’s too close to call. Same with the second voice vote.

In the third voice vote, the “nays” — those opposing the Strickland amendment — seem to have a slight edge.  But clearly, 2/3’s of the delegates did not vote for the amendment. 

The delegates know that, too. And the losers, who were really the winners, jeer.

The vote was to reinsert references to God & Jerusalem (full story HERE)

Watch the Senator avoid a question with an unprecedented Acadamy Award performance. An unparalled performance….

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) Torn Apart On “God” Being Deleted From Platform