Danielle Park on the dangerous investment climate and much much more

Posted by Michael Campbell

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Time For Canada To Confront Economic Extremism

Mike proposes a proper cost/benefit analysis of climate change action. For example, if the Oil Sands were completely shut down, carbon emissions would be cut by an infinitesimal 12/100th’s of 1 percent!

Where To Step In This Dangerous Investment Climate

Renowned author and investment advisor Danielle Park joins Michael as featured guest. Take special note of her view on the US Dollar, and much more

No Big Fat Idea This Week

Mike’s Favorite Story of the Week

It was a choice between a food fight and a serious speech in the US Congress that is waaaay out there

Bureaucracy Gone Beserk

This weeks Shocking Stat brings you startling numbers flowing from the European Union bureaucracy

Live From The Trading Desk

Victor gives his opinion on Danielle Park’s view on the US Dollar, Friday’s employment number and a review of the US Dollar turning point he observed a few weeks ago

Hot Properties and New Mortgage Rules

Ozzie talks about recent bank ruminations about raising the amount one has to put down to buy a house

Hate Mail Of The Week

The trouble with looking at the success of Socialism in the 21st Century

The Worst Quiz in Public School History

This Goofy just has to be listened to. Even then it will certainly be hard to believe it actually took place.

Below the entire first half hour and second hour

Renowned author and investment advisor Danielle Park joins Michael as his feature guest. Quote of the Week, The Goofy and much more.