Currency Wars, China , Euro Demise & Gold

Posted by Jack & JR Crooks: Black Swan Capital

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A No-Strings-Attached Gift from Jack & JR

Dear Currency Currents Reader,

On December 8, Jack held an extremely detailed webinar (complete with Q&A) for members of Chris Lori’s Pro Trader’s Club.  This invitation-only seminar allowed participants to crack open Jack’s head and get his best, freshest thinking on global macro trends that are now unfolding… and specific reco’s on how to capitalize on the major swings to come.

If you want an in-depth explanation of why Black Swan Capital’s Master Traders are bullish on the buck and on the future of the U.S., this is a webinar you don’t want to miss.

Best of all, it’s free, with no “hard sell” of any kind.  Just pure, thought-provoking, honest information from the men you can trust to give it to you straight.

Go HERE to download the link and listen in. It’s the perfect preparation for year-end profits and a great overview for 2011.

We wish you happy holidays and profitable trading,

David Newman
Director, Sales & Marketing

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