Caterpillar Closes London Locomotive Plant. Unions & Media call it “Industrial Rape”

Posted by Andrew Coyne - The National Post

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The Toronto Star’s business columnist David Olive is clearly backing the Unions when he calls for the Nationalization of the Caterpillar owned bought and paid for Locomotive plant. Why? After a struggle to persuade unionized workers to accept wage and benefit concessions, Peoria, Illinois-based Caterpillar said on Friday the closing and laying off at least 450 workers is taking place because the cost structure of the operation is not sustainable. 


The Toronto Star’s Olive suggests nationalization, or as a fallback, a prohibitive tariff on all Caterpillar imports. As Olive sees it, “that might eventually bring Athabasca tarsands production, heavily reliant on Caterpillar equipment, to a halt.”


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