Government Orders Google To Let Employees Express Unpopular Political Views

In what appears to be a huge victory for Google employees who don’t ascribe to the ultra-liberal Silicon Valley monoculture, the National Labor Relations Board has reached a settlement with Google over complaints that the search giant punishes employees for speaking out on political and workplace issues that don’t comport with the company’s agenda.

The settlement, which was reportedly approved by an agency director this week, according to WSJ, comes in response to a pair of complaints filed by conservative employees about how the company handles workplace dissent.

One complainant, former engineer Kevin Cernekee, claims he was fired for expressing his right-leaning political views on…CLICK for complete article

The 25 Best Warren Buffett Quotes in One Infographic

Warren Buffett is famous for his wit, and will likely go down in history as one of the most quotable and influential investors of all time.

With this week marking his 89th birthday, we thought it was a good time to highlight the 25 best Warren Buffett quotes accumulated through his lengthy and prestigious career.

Today’s infographic highlights the smartest and most insightful quotes from Buffett on investing, business, and…click here for infographic.

DraftKings’ sports betting launch in New Jersey has been immensely successful and the company is eyeing consistent growth as it launches into more states.

Since the company launched legal sports betting in New Jersey in August of 2018, CEO Jason Robins says the state now makes up nearly a third of DraftKings revenue despite making up less than 3% of the U.S. population.

Continued Expansion

As the company expects to launch in Indiana, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Iowa over the course of the upcoming NFL season, DraftKings could see sustained growth for years as more states allow for legal sports betting….CLICK for complete article

Are You Happy While You Work?

From the Economic Journal, February, 2017.

Using a new data source permitting individuals to record their well‐being via a smartphone, the researchers explored variance in individuals’ well‐being. ~ Ed

Happiness in Different Activities (fixed effects regression model)

Happy (0–100)
Activities (in rank order) Coefficient t
Intimacy, making love 14.20 (44.4)
Theatre, dance, concert 9.29 (29.6)
Exhibition, museum, library 8.77 (25.0)
Sports, running, exercise 8.12 (45.5)
Gardening, allotment 7.83 (22.8)
Singing, performing 6.95 (17.5)
Talking, chatting, socialising 6.38 (75.2)
Birdwatching, nature watching 6.28 (11.4)
Walking, hiking 6.18 (37.0)
Hunting, fishing 5.82 (3.98)
Drinking alcohol 5.73 (54.0)
Hobbies, arts, crafts 5.53 (22.5)
Meditating, religious activities 4.95 (11.2)
Match, sporting event 4.39 (15.2)
Childcare, playing with children 4.10 (19.4)
Pet care, playing with pets 3.63 (17.1)
Listening to music 3.56 (27.6)
Other games, puzzles 3.07 (11.1)
Shopping, errands 2.74 (25.1)
Gambling, betting 2.62 (2.82)
Watching TV, film 2.55 (36.3)
Computer games, iPhone games 2.39 (18.4)
Eating, snacking 2.38 (37.1)
Cooking, preparing food 2.14 (22.0)
Drinking tea/coffee 1.83 (18.4)
Reading 1.47 (13.3)
Listening to speech/podcast 1.41 (9.62)
Washing, dressing, grooming 1.18 (11.5)
Sleeping, resting, relaxing 1.08 (11.4)
Smoking 0.69 (3.16)
Browsing the Internet 0.59 (6.13)
Texting, email, social media 0.56 (5.64)
Housework, chores, DIY −0.65 (−6.59)
Travelling, commuting −1.47 (−16.2)
In a meeting, seminar, class −1.50 (−9.01)
Admin, finances, organising −2.45 (−14.2)
Waiting, −3.51 (−22.7)
Care or help for adults −4.30 (−7.75)
Working, studying −5.43 (−44.0)
Sick in bed −20.4 (−67.9)
Something else (version < 1.0.2) −1.00 (−5.43)
Something else (version ≥ 1.0.2) −2.31 (−13.6)
Person fixed effects Yes
Constant 65.6 (978)
Observations 1,321,279
Number of groups 20,946


4 Stocks Seen Leading As Streaming Music Market Triples

The streaming revolution has unleashed a wave of disruption across the global music industry. But stock investors could reap longterm gains by buying shares of four major players positioned to dramatically grow in size and reap rich profits. That will happen as the streaming market nearly triples in size to $45 billion over the next two decades, according to a report by Goldman Sachs. The big winners may include Vivendi, with a market value of $31 billion, Sony Corp. (SNE), at $64 billion, Spotify, at $29 billion, and Tencent Holdings, at $24 billion, as music listeners switch from free to paid services, Goldman says in a story by Business Insider outlined in the story below.

Analysts’ optimism stems from faster-than-expected adoption of paid streaming services like Spotify Technology SA (SPOT) and Apple Inc.’s (AAPL) Apple Music. Goldman now expects the recorded music space to grow more than previous forecasts, roughly two and a half times from the current size at $19 billion. Analysts attribute the upbeat outlook in part to positive revisions to profit forecasts for industry leaders such as Universal Media Group, Warner Music and Spotify….CLICK for complete article

The 10 Breakthrough Technologies That Will Define 2019

Bill Gates top 10 predictions for upcoming breakthrough inventions and the possibilities they hold….CLICK for complete infographic