Cyber Monday Tips And Deals


After a record-breaking Black Friday, the Cyber Monday online holiday shopping event is in full swing. The website put together some helpful tips for shoppers…. CLICK for complete article

Technology has Changed the Way We Get High Forever


If you want to imagine the future of marijuana in the 2020s, picture a 3-D printer.

Maybe it’s in a kiosk at your local legal recreational dispensary; maybe, if you’re a particular fan of greenery, it’s in your home. Either way, it’s pre-loaded with concentrated liquid forms of all cannabinoids, the different kinds of molecules that make up marijuana.

The machine has CBD for healing, CBN for sleepiness, THC for the giddy, giggly high; plus a ton of essential oils called terpenes, which generally provide every other subtle… Click here for full article.

Where the Wealthy and Not So Wealthy of the World Live

World Map

If you need to see just how much wealth inequality exists across the globe, look no further.

The Credit Suisse Research Institute, a think tank within the Swiss investment bank Credit Suisse, in October published its annual global wealth report. That report estimates the wealth holdings of households around the world, to show wealth distribution across…Click here  for full article.



Automation to a whole new level!

Pizza Hut robot cooks pizzas while delivering.


Is This Worse Than ’68?


Are we more divided than we have ever been? Are our politics more poisoned? Are we living in what Charles Dickens called “the worst of times” in America? Is today worse than 1968?

Certainly, the hatred and hostility, the bile and bitterness of our discourse, seem greater now than 50 years ago. But are the times really worse? CLICK for complete article

The Bright Side Of Humanity

Two brothers saw a woman paying for gas with pennies and took it at their cue to help out.