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How Would People React To A Social Media Tax? Look At Uganda

The Arab Spring that destabilized governments in the Middle East began in the spring of 2011. Nearly a decade later, the full repercussions of the uprisings are starting to hit home with some governments adopting a new strategy to curtail their influence: taxing social media usage.  Arab Spring protesters primarily used social media networks to successfully effect regime changes. And now some autocratic governments are hitting back by trying to limit citizens’ access to these tools. One such country is Uganda.

The East African nation with a population of 43 million has become the latest country to attempt to gag the voice of its citizens after imposing a social media tax intended to…Click here for full article.

Strong ‘Apex’ Release Continues To Boost EA Shares, Sell-Side Has Mixed Reaction

Electronic Arts Inc. is enjoying a strong rebound thanks to a successful launch of its new “Apex Legends” battle royale game with hopes of competing with “Fortnite.” But analysts had mixed opinions Monday on if and how much the game will boost EA investors’ fortunes.

Gaming industry enthusiasts are excited about the free-to-play “Apex Legends” games, which brought in 1 million players in its first eight hours and 10 million in just three days. The company hopes the game may finally be the one that challenges the massively successful “Fortnite” for player eyeballs. And investors seem to think it’s good news, with EA stock moving higher Monday….CLICK for complete article

Golf Equipment Sales Finally on the Upswing – What’s Behind the Comeback?

Golf is back, and that’s not a reference to the 2019 PGA Tour.

After years of doom and gloom in the industry, golf has received some of the best news it a while short of Tiger Woods’ resurgence last year.

After facing declines in the previous year, the U.S. golf retail business grew 8 percent in the 12 months ending in November 2018 to $2.6 billion…Click here for full article.

After months of fraught negotiations – first with the EU, then with her eurosceptics in Parliament – mere hours remain before Prime Minister Theresa May brings her Brexit withdrawal agreement up for a vote in the House of Commons on Tuesday. And with analysts and MPs alike anticipating an overwhelming defeat – the latest estimates put the margin of defeat at around 225 votes – Theresa May is under pressure to bring all of her “Project Fear” powers to bear to try and coerce MPs to back her deal, though now that MPs have wrested some of the control over the process away from the PM, her threats of “her deal, no deal or no Brexit” have largely been robbed of their bite….CLICK for complete article



This Could Be The Best Christmas Gift Ever

The sounds of Christmas – carols being sung, maybe the crackling of a log on the fire and the oh so familiar – “not another sweater” “oh, great a tie” – “a gift certificate…how did you know.”

We’ve all be down that long, lonely road in search of the perfect Christmas gift. And if you are anything like me – let’s just say we’ve come up short.

The Good News

I’ve got an idea that could put you in the Gift Givers Hall of Fame  – but first a little background. If you had bought just a hundred shares of any of the stocks recommended at last year’s World Outlook Financial Conference for a loved one – spouse, son, daughter, niece, nephew, friend –  look at what would have happened.

We recommended Viemed Healthcare at $2.41 at the WOFC – today it trades at $5.87…up 143%.

Photon Control Inc – recommended at .62 cents at the WOFC  – today .98 …up 58%

Boyd Group – recommended at the WOFC at $61– today $118…up 93% – (Boyd was first recommended at under $20 at the 2013 Outlook Conference, so anyone you bought that for at the time probably has a statue of you in their living room.)

Sylogist – recommended at the WOFC at $8.60 – today $13.25… up 54%

Parex Resources – recommended at the WOFC at $18.27– today $28.67 – up 56%

In case you haven’t experienced it yourself. If you want to see someone’s face light up – give them 100 shares of a stock and look at their expression when it goes up 20%, 30%, 50%…over 100%.  It beats the old gift certificate every time.  Better yet, for some people the stock market becomes a new hobby.

And by the way, there were a lot more winners recommended at last year’s World Outlook Financial Conference. In fact, I can’t think of a single stock recommendation that didn’t go up.

The official WOFC Small Cap Portfolio was up 79%. Incredible but let me make perfectly clear that doesn’t happen every year. However, in the 10 years since we released the first portfolio it has never failed to deliver double digit gains.

Of course, past performance is no guarantee of future results but I like our chances given that I choose our speakers based on their track record. And on that score the group of headliners including Martin Armstrong, Keystone Financial’s Ryan Irvine, BP Global’s Paul Beatty, Timers Digest Market Timer of the Year Mark Lebovit, and Josef Schachter, is one of the best I’ve seen …anywhere.  A bold statement but their results speak for themselves.

I have to add that the results I just mentioned don’t include the incredible profits in the marijuana sector, which was first recommended by Mark Leibovit and Jim Dines at the World Outlook in 2014 – over three years before virtually anyone else in the business.  People who acted on the advice and invested in the marijuana sector anytime between 2014 and 2016 made an absolute killing.

By the way, this year’s conference will have a special session on cannabis and where to invest as we enter the second phase after legalization.

The Point

Given I spend an inordinate amount of time, along with Grant and everyone else at High Performance Events, planning and putting on the Outlook Conference it’s hardly a surprise that I hope you come.

And I’m sincere when I say it makes a terrific Christmas gift.  One that could impact someone’s financial well being for years to come. Even better if you come with them and share the experience.  I’ve had plenty of people come up over the years to say they’ve absolutely loved coming with friends or family. It’s a special weekend – bring someone – you can even go the extra mile and buy them 100 shares of one of the recommendations you like.

And hey – it is the 21st century. So if your prospective gift recipient absolutely can’t be there in person? Buy them a subscription to the online streaming video archive. All our speakers in HD, available at any time, with unlimited access. Like NetFlix for your finances!

In the meantime – I hope you have a terrific holiday season.


Host of Money Talks

Conference Details

When: Friday afternoon and evening, February 1st and all day Saturday, February 2nd, 2019
Where: Westin Bayshore Conference Centre, Vancouver BC
To Book Your Ticket:  CLICK HERE or go to moneytalks.net

P.S.  –   We Just Made Christmas Gift Buying Really Easy

As you know I am hugely interested in educating our younger generations and to that end we have a special offer – if you buy a ticket – you can bring a student absolutely free.   The only thing we ask is you to let us know ahead of time, which you can do when you purchase your ticket. We have a limited number set aside and we want to be able to accommodate you.

Is Frugality the New Food Trend?

  • Grubhub, the nation’s leading online and mobile food delivery marketplace, released its annual Year in Food report.
  • Bean burritos took the No. 1 spot, but the pricey staple associated with millennials, avocado toast, didn’t rank in the top 10.
  • Americans appear to be opting to eat foods made with cheaper and more budget-friendly ingredients.

Sorry, avocado toast, your 15 minutes of fame are up.

Grubhub’s annual Year in Food report, which ranks dining trends, published its findings based on millions of orders placed by more than 16 million hungry users. The top 10 food orders reveal that Americans appear to be leaving some famously trendy foods behind and are making more food choices with their wallets.

Avocado toast, the chameleon dish that got the job done for breakfast, brunch, lunch and even dinner — and the food many people believe was emptying the pockets of hungry millennials — experienced a fall from grace in 2018 and didn’t even crack the top 10.

Is Frugality the New Food Trend?

The report reveals that Americans had an insatiable appetite for bean burritos in 2018, followed by runner-up poke and chicken sliders in third place. If the axiom “you are what you eat” is true, then this report might reveal a trend in frugality among American diners as last year’s No. 1 food, poke, appears to be on the decline.

The year’s most popular food, conventionally made processed ingredients including rice, beans and cheese, comes at much a lower cost than poke — Hawaii’s latest raw-food export to captivate the stomachs of mainlanders.

In a city such as New York, a poke bowl loaded with the requisite raw fish, avocado, cucumber, seaweed and edamame can easily set back diners $20, whereas a bean burrito will run about half that at just $10 — and at some locations, it can be much cheaper. Even though poke might be replacing avocado toast as the latest high-priced food trend, the appeal wasn’t enough to beat a more affordable burrito.

Cut Costs: Organic Foods That Aren’t Worth Organic Prices

Red Meat Fails to Make Top 10 List Dominated by Chicken

Along with that, five of the top 10 most popular foods are chicken dishes and none include red meat. The desire for the white meat protein is also the most economical and budget-friendly pick. Out of the meat trifecta of beef, pork and chicken, the price of chicken in both retail and wholesale is far and away the cheapest meat, according to the National Chicken Council.

Overall, Grubhub’s top 10 foods in 2018 are:

  1. Bean burrito
  2. Poke
  3. Chicken slider
  4. Baby back pork rib
  5. Chicken burrito
  6. Chicken sandwich
  7. Cauliflower rice bowl
  8. Chicken and waffle slider
  9. Parmesan chicken
  10. Buffalo cauliflower