Nearly 200M pounds of Canadian french fry potatoes stuck in storage

TORONTO — With many restaurants closed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, Canadian farmers have been forced to freeze nearly 200 million pounds of potatoes destined to become french fries because there is no one to buy them.

That’s according to Kevin MacIsaac, the general manager of the United Potato Growers of Canada, who says his organization has reached out to the provinces and estimates that between 1.5 and 200 million pounds of excess raw potatoes have been put into storage as a result of the health emergency.

“It is a fairly large concern,” he told…Click for full article.

Special Olympics Means Love

A great little heart warming video

How COVID-19 Has Impacted Media Consumption, by Generation

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to wreak havoc across the globe, people’s time that would have otherwise been spent perusing malls or going to live events, is now being spent on the sofa.

During this period of pandemic-induced social isolation, it’s no surprise that people are consuming vast amounts of media. Today’s graphics use data from a Global Web Index report to explore how people have increased their media consumption as a result of the outbreak, and how it differs across each generation…CLICK for complete article

For Those Missing Sports

Turn the sound up! ~ Ed

Eight Phases of Crisis: COVID-19 Edition

I really do want to talk about COVID-19 and get to the bottom of how the issue will progress in the coming months.  While each crisis is different, they are all sort-of-predictable because in the end, people don’t change all that much, even though circumstances do.  Certainly we want to get this all behind us, in the rear view, so to speak.

But what is this pattern I mentioned?  Here are, as near as I can determine, Eight Stages of a Crisis™, a level at which each crisis can be evaluated compared to the other – this is my modification of work originally done by Zunin and Myers.  This is like the Kübler-Ross five stages of grief, but with the apocalypse in mind…CLICK for complete article

The Fight Against COVID-19: “Bending the Curve” & Then What?

Eradicate the virus — without a vaccine? Manage infection rates to let the population “build immunity through suffering” until a vaccine is available? How can we revive the economy without risking thousands of deaths in fresh outbreaks?

I think we’re now at the turning point in the fight against COVID-19. Everyone’s now acting to stop the spread, and the early hot spots in Europe, North America, and Australia are seeing signs of progress, just as the Asian nations did earlier. There is a long road ahead, and we have to decide which route to take, but Western societies are showing they can handle this too. In this post I’m going to show updated versions of my three favorite graphs, which tell the story and lead to the single biggest public policy-making challenge many nations may face this decade… CLICK for complete article