Are You Happy While You Work?

From the Economic Journal, February, 2017.

Using a new data source permitting individuals to record their well‐being via a smartphone, the researchers explored variance in individuals’ well‐being. ~ Ed

Happiness in Different Activities (fixed effects regression model)

Happy (0–100)
Activities (in rank order) Coefficient t
Intimacy, making love 14.20 (44.4)
Theatre, dance, concert 9.29 (29.6)
Exhibition, museum, library 8.77 (25.0)
Sports, running, exercise 8.12 (45.5)
Gardening, allotment 7.83 (22.8)
Singing, performing 6.95 (17.5)
Talking, chatting, socialising 6.38 (75.2)
Birdwatching, nature watching 6.28 (11.4)
Walking, hiking 6.18 (37.0)
Hunting, fishing 5.82 (3.98)
Drinking alcohol 5.73 (54.0)
Hobbies, arts, crafts 5.53 (22.5)
Meditating, religious activities 4.95 (11.2)
Match, sporting event 4.39 (15.2)
Childcare, playing with children 4.10 (19.4)
Pet care, playing with pets 3.63 (17.1)
Listening to music 3.56 (27.6)
Other games, puzzles 3.07 (11.1)
Shopping, errands 2.74 (25.1)
Gambling, betting 2.62 (2.82)
Watching TV, film 2.55 (36.3)
Computer games, iPhone games 2.39 (18.4)
Eating, snacking 2.38 (37.1)
Cooking, preparing food 2.14 (22.0)
Drinking tea/coffee 1.83 (18.4)
Reading 1.47 (13.3)
Listening to speech/podcast 1.41 (9.62)
Washing, dressing, grooming 1.18 (11.5)
Sleeping, resting, relaxing 1.08 (11.4)
Smoking 0.69 (3.16)
Browsing the Internet 0.59 (6.13)
Texting, email, social media 0.56 (5.64)
Housework, chores, DIY −0.65 (−6.59)
Travelling, commuting −1.47 (−16.2)
In a meeting, seminar, class −1.50 (−9.01)
Admin, finances, organising −2.45 (−14.2)
Waiting, −3.51 (−22.7)
Care or help for adults −4.30 (−7.75)
Working, studying −5.43 (−44.0)
Sick in bed −20.4 (−67.9)
Something else (version < 1.0.2) −1.00 (−5.43)
Something else (version ≥ 1.0.2) −2.31 (−13.6)
Person fixed effects Yes
Constant 65.6 (978)
Observations 1,321,279
Number of groups 20,946


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