Belly Melt Diet: Cut 50 Calories from Every Meal

Losing weight isn’t about changing your life overnight. It’s about small changes that add up

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Discover how to lose up to 8 pounds in 3 days with the Belly Melt Diet HERE.


45-before-the-sports-car-became-a-true-art-form-in-the-1960s-there-was-the-1951-jaguar-c-type-the-two-seater-was-made-for-racing-and-peter-walker-and-peter-whitehead-drove-one-to-victory-at-the-24-hours-of-le-mans-in-1951Cars may be machines, but they can still be incredibly sexy.

Curving lines, powerful engines, and outrageous luxury can draw people in just as much as a pretty face.

That’s why we’ve assembled this list of the 50 sexiest cars of the past century.

We’ve got American muscle, Italian speed, and British luxury. We even have Swedish power.

Some of these cars were lemons, some were total flops. Others were wildly successful and are still on the market today. But every last one is packed with sex appeal.

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Summer Reading Top 10 & The 15 Louvre Masterpieces

The 10 Best Books Of The Year (So Far), According To Amazon.

These are the Best Books of 2013 released between January and June 2013.

“Customers looking for great summer reads will find an eclectic selection on the list this year, from the very best fiction to compelling memoirs to excellent young adult novels,” Sara Nelson, Editorial Director for Books and Kindle,, said. “Our #1 pick, Life after Life, is clever but never gimmicky—which is amazing when you consider that the story of the heroine’s life begins, ends and then begins again, multiple times. We think this book is an extraordinary feat of narrative ambition, an audacious genre-bender and a work of literary genius.”

Here are the Top 10;

1. Life After Life by Kate Atkinson: What if you could be born again and again? This brilliant, multi-layered novel answers that question as Atkinson’s protagonist moves through multiple lives, each one an iteration on the last, flirting with the balance between choice and fate.

2. The Son by Philipp Meyer: A multigenerational Western spanning the 1800s Comanche raids in Texas to the 20th century oil boom, The Son is a towering achievement.

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The 15 Greatest Masterpieces At The Louvre

“Mona Lisa” by Leonardo da Vinci (1503-1506). “The most famous painting in the world, Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa (aka La Gioconda or La Joconde) with her mysterious smile and cutting-edge illusionism for the early 1500s. This masterpiece has been on display at the Louvre since 1797. Millions make the pilgrimage to Paris to see the real thing each year.”

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The Visual History of the Iconic Bikini

The bikini has come a long way over the past 67 years.

On this date in 1946, French fashion designer Louis Réard hired a nude dancer to sport his two-piece creation after the runway models he approached refused to wear it.

He called it the Bikini after the nuclear testing site Bikini Atoll because he believed it had the power to shock the public just as much as a nuclear bomb.

Since then, the bikini has been immortalized in song, provoked controversies from morality to skin cancer, and is now a beach staple around the world.

One thing’s for certain: The teenie weenie suit is here to stay.

It’s believed that the Greco-Roman world had bikinis due to statues and mosaics discovered in Sicily that date to 286-305 AD. The images show women playing sports in two-piece outfits.


Bathing suits for women slowly came into vogue during the early 20th century.

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13 Scientifically Proven Ways To Be A Happier Person

laughing-girlsYou have the power to make yourself happier.

That’s what we learned from 13 scientific studies that discovered small changes we can all make to improve our outlook on life.

From writing down the good parts of your day to simply smiling, here are a few proactive steps you can take towards becoming a happier you.

Spend money on other people.

Spending money on other people instead of yourself makes you feel happier, a study published in “Psychological Bulletin” found. 

spend-money-on-other-peopleThe study concluded that “the happiest people were the biggest givers, no matter what they earned.” They always felt better donating to charities and giving to others than splurging on themselves.


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Master Chef: 11 Tips For Grilling The Perfect Steak At Home

Hot Summer Nights & Great Steaks! This master chef tells you exactly how to impress your stomach & guests…..

A Master Chef Shares 11 Tips For Grilling The Perfect Steak At Home


There is nothing better than a steak done the right way.

Earlier this year we met Chef Michael Lomonaco of Porter House New York, a classic American-style steakhouse, who shared some of his key grilling tips.

He showed us how to select the right piece of meat, how long to cook it for, and how to take care of your grill.

Chef Lomonaco walked us through some of the important terms and concepts you need to understand to cook delicious steaks right at home.

The terms “prime meat” and “dry-aged” really do matter when it comes to quality.


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