Median Age of the Population in Every Country

With a few notable exceptions, the world is rapidly aging.

Today’s infographic, which was shared by Bill Gates on Reddit, shows this incredible explosion in age and how different countries contrast with one another on this demographic metric.

While aging populations in Europe, North America, and Asia stand out…Click here for full article and infographic.

They’re In The Hole! Sportsbooks Lose Big On Tiger’s Masters Win

Tiger Woods threw up his arms and joined a jubilant Masters crowd in celebrating his win Sunday, easing 14 years of injury- and scandal-related frustration since his last win at Augusta. But while Woods roared and his fans went wild, the burgeoning American sportsbook industry felt like it just hit one in the water.

Bettors liked Woods and sportsbooks lost big.

Last Tuesday, a bettor walked into the William Hill PL/ADR  sportsbook at the SLS Casino in Las Vegas and put $85,000 down on an improbable Woods comeback…Click here for full article.

Champagne Sales Slow As European Economic Worries Grow Louder

While Brexit and yellow vest protestors have caused many economic uncertainties across the Eurozone, the champagne crisis in France and Britain is just another example of how the regional economy is headed for disaster. Click here for full article.

How Would People React To A Social Media Tax? Look At Uganda

The Arab Spring that destabilized governments in the Middle East began in the spring of 2011. Nearly a decade later, the full repercussions of the uprisings are starting to hit home with some governments adopting a new strategy to curtail their influence: taxing social media usage.  Arab Spring protesters primarily used social media networks to successfully effect regime changes. And now some autocratic governments are hitting back by trying to limit citizens’ access to these tools. One such country is Uganda.

The East African nation with a population of 43 million has become the latest country to attempt to gag the voice of its citizens after imposing a social media tax intended to…Click here for full article.

Strong ‘Apex’ Release Continues To Boost EA Shares, Sell-Side Has Mixed Reaction

Electronic Arts Inc. is enjoying a strong rebound thanks to a successful launch of its new “Apex Legends” battle royale game with hopes of competing with “Fortnite.” But analysts had mixed opinions Monday on if and how much the game will boost EA investors’ fortunes.

Gaming industry enthusiasts are excited about the free-to-play “Apex Legends” games, which brought in 1 million players in its first eight hours and 10 million in just three days. The company hopes the game may finally be the one that challenges the massively successful “Fortnite” for player eyeballs. And investors seem to think it’s good news, with EA stock moving higher Monday….CLICK for complete article

Golf Equipment Sales Finally on the Upswing – What’s Behind the Comeback?

Golf is back, and that’s not a reference to the 2019 PGA Tour.

After years of doom and gloom in the industry, golf has received some of the best news it a while short of Tiger Woods’ resurgence last year.

After facing declines in the previous year, the U.S. golf retail business grew 8 percent in the 12 months ending in November 2018 to $2.6 billion…Click here for full article.