Michael Campbell’s MoneyTalks – Complete Show

Entire Show – Aug. 14th

Guest host Victor Adair talks to Alan Oslie a long time realtor who explains what $1 million dollars buys on Vancouver Island, Josef Schachter discusses why he’s keenly focused on the shifting energy supply/demand picture. Featured guest Kevin Muir, from The Macrotourist modestly says that the only thing he brings to the party is 25 years of mistakes, hear what he’s learned from all those mistakes, plus Ozzie on why he’s concerned about under-reported and persistent inflation as the key driver on markets everywhere. And lastly Drew Zimmerman on a gold exploration company with one of the largest single land packages in Idaho.

Entire Show – Aug. 7th

If our Olympic athletes are great role models why do we reject the qualities that got them there? BT Global’s Paul Beattie shares his top investment pick and you won’t hear it anywhere else. Ozzie on the dos and don’ts of presales. And the shocking stat will indeed, shock you.

Entire Show – July 31st

Divisions in the country are on the rise – Mike has a solution. You won’t want to miss tech expert, the fascinating Brent Holliday on the latest in Canada. Plus Donald Trump nails the essence of politics today in the quote of the week. Plus a goofy award that had Mike saying “are you freaking kidding me.”

Entire Show – July 24th

Interesting when people say how much they care about an issue and then ignore policies that have a direct impact. Nick Otton tells us how to get a big boost in investment income without a big boost in risk. And you tell us – which will make some people angrier – our Quote of the Week or the Goofy Award. Plus Ozzie on signs of a change in the real estate market.

Entire Show – July 17th

Mike asks a straightforward but pivotal question in advance of the federal election campaign. The trillion dollar man weighs in on the inflation debate. Big Picture Trading’s Patrick Ceresna on the one thing all investors should do Now. A shocking stat on innovation – or lack of it plus a goofy you shouldn’t miss.