Michael Campbell’s MoneyTalks – Complete Show

Complete Show – April 11th

Mike talks about the big hole in the argument that we can afford this year’s $184.2 billion federal deficit. Ace analyst, Tyler Bollhorn talks about the damaging mistakes investors are making today while Ozzie Jurock has an idea that puts money in your pockets but doesn’t cost taxpayers a cent.

Complete Show – April 4th

Some practical advice on the mortgage front with Kyle Green. Josef Schachter gives his forecast for oil prices and talks about which stocks present the opportunity of a lifetime. Ozzie talks rent and mortgage deferrals plus the goofy on a major piece of Fake News.

Complete Show – Mar 28th

Mike give one key piece of financial advice while Davis Rea’s chief strategist, John Johnston on the double dip coming in stocks. Ozzie talks the change for renters and don’t miss the Goofy. Should governments try to gain advantage during the crisis.

Complete Show – Mar 21st

Mike puts a big checkmark beside MoneyTalks’ #1 recommendation over the last 8 years.  Ace analyst Aaron Dunn gives must hear guidelines for stock market bargains while Ozzie gives an essential piece of advice for consumer loans. 

Complete Show – March 14th

Mike talks about what could be the biggest financial story in your lifetime – and no one’s talking about it. We talk gold and silver with top analyst, David Morgan while Ozzie talks the impact on real estate of Friday’s surprise interest rate cut vs the corona scare.

Complete Show – March 7th

Despite rising risk Canadian governments pretended it was “business as usual” – it’s not. We will regret giving away tens of billions in government revenue while kissing much more in capital investment goodbye. Lance Roberts is brilliant talking about what’s next for stocks and bonds as fears over COVID19 grow. While Victor Adair talks about how to make money when interest rates inevitably go up.