Michael Campbell’s MoneyTalks – Complete Show

Complete Show – April 20th

It wasn’t just the Alberta NDP who were abandoned by Jagmeet Singh and BC NDP leader John Horgan along with the Federal government – it’s the whole province.  Ozzie Jurock talks about whether Alberta is a real estate buy in the aftermath of the United Conservative victory.  Plus a shocking stat on one of the most dominant athletes in history.

Complete Show – April 13th

Mike talks about the relentless government assault on our wallets while super trader Tyler Bollhorn talks about the key indicators that tell him when to buy and sell stocks.  Plus we have a new inductee into our Goofy Hall of Fame – and it’s so well deserved.

Complete Show – April 6th

Mike talks about the blatant fallacy of a “climate consensus” while Keystone’s Ryan Irvine, one of Canada’s foremost stock pickers gives us two new recommendations for capital gains. Plus a must listen-to shocking stat on the simple question that stopped young socialists in their tracks.

Complete Show – March 30th

Mike talks about the real goal of the virtue signalers while portfolio manager, Danielle Park lays out the dangers for individual investors in today’s debt laden world.  And don’t miss Mike’s Goofy on what’s being called the biggest media fail in generations.

Complete Show – Mar.23rd

Mike talks about the insanity of losing $100 billion in return for reducing a small fraction of 1% of global emissions. Benj Gallander, the contrarian investor with 3 stock selections plus a shocking stat that had every professional athlete in the country in awe.

Complete Show – Mar.16th

Mike looks at the BC Legislature spending scandal and says,” really…now we’re worried about wasted tax dollars.”  Don Vialoux drops by to talk about what to buy and what to stay away from at this time of year. And you won’t want to miss this week’s goofy featuring the rich and immoral.