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Complete Show – June 22nd

BC taxpayers are suing Alberta taxpayers while threatening to cost Canadian taxpayers over $5 billion in preventing the Kinder Morgan expansion – so Canadian taxpayers are funding that fight against  BC taxpayers. Ozzie Jurock drops by to talk about real estate taxes most home owners don’t know about.  Plus, the latest on gold from Gold Market Timer of the Year, Mark Leibovit.

Complete Show – June 15th

You won’t hear this anywhere else. Mike talks about the top 5 ways that government sticks it to young people.  NanoOnes’ Dan Blondal drops by to talk about the latest in batteries for electric cars right after what many will consider the best commencement speech ever in our quote of the week.

Complete Show – June 8th

Mike asks what the deal with honouring our D Day veterans while attacking the freedoms they fought for. In a must listen, Peter Grandich shares his big lessons from 40 years of investing. And if you’re thinking of doing a renovation – Ozzie’s got some must hear advice.

Complete Show – June 1st

Mike talks about the impact of government on your rising cost of living.  Oil analyst extraordinaire Josef Schachter talks about how you can make money in the coming bull market.  And you don’t want to miss the Quote of the Week or the Goofy Award.


Complete Show – May 25th

Mike talks about the unanimous court decision squashing the BC government’s push to usurp federal jurisdiction over pipelines. You don’t want to miss respected analyst, Greg Weldon roadmap explaining what’s coming next for interest rates, currencies and stock. Plus we have a great Goofy award.

Complete Show – May 18th

Climate alarmism is dominating debate. Not sure? Then wait til you read the new editorial policy of the Guardian Newspaper in our quote of the week.  Martin Murenbeeld tells us why he thinks stock are cheap while Mike’s Goofy talks about the latest assault on the justice system.