Michael Campbell’s MoneyTalks – Complete Show

Complete Show – Jan 4th

Guest hosts Victor Adair and Drew Zimmerman welcome pension specialists Leo Kolivakis and MacroTourist analyst Kevin Muir to the show.

Complete Show – Dec 28th

Let’s start with the biggest question in reviewing 2019. Mark Milke drops by to discuss his most recent book. Plus our year end awards for Quote of the Year, Goofy of the Year and the shocking stats that blew people away while outraged others just for bringing them up.

Complete Show – Dec 21st

You don’t want to miss the big reveal of the Moneytalks Person of the Year. Plus Tim Cesnick with some last minute tax tips to save you money.  And Garibaldi Capital’s Brent Holliday drops by the top tech stories of 2019 that you gotta hear – along with his must read tech book – (that we ordered as soon as he said it.)


Complete Show – Dec 14th

Mike’s still laughing that our elites are appalled at the prospect of Brexit in the aftermath of the UK election.  Martin Straith drops by with a big warning for investors.  Plus a shocking stat you don’t want to miss with the latest on the biggest financial story of the year – but still no one’s talking about it.

Complete Show – Dec. 7th

The French give us a glimpse into the future – and it’s not pretty.  Do you like the rising civil unrest and violence? Jonathon Haidt tells us why it’s happening in Instant Wisdom. Plus, Mike chimes in with his favourite shocking stat of the year and you don’t want to miss the goofy.

Complete Show – Nov 30th

Many don’t care that the carbon tax isn’t revenue neutral.  Mike talks about why you will soon. Michael and Ozzie talk about Amazon and the impact on Vancouver real estate.  And the size of the federal government will shock you.  It should, after all you’re paying for it.