Michael Campbell’s MoneyTalks – Complete Show

Complete Show – Jan 23rd

There’s no mystery why populist sentiment keeps growing. Does the cancellation of Keystone fuel or diminish the anti-establishment/populist movement? Or do you care…if not, then you’re one of the reasons it’s growing.

Complete Show – Jan 16th

Just stating one of the big implications of all the promised infrastructure spending get people mad. Plus Josh Crumb, Abaxx Technologies drops by to talk about the next big bull market and how we’re going to trade it. Plus Ozzie on why housing prices can’t fall.

Complete Show – January 9th

Do we dare say, it’s not all about Trump…yes, we do. Federal Reserve insider, Dr Michael Berry on the pitfalls and opportunities in creating trillions of dollars. Plus the latest on real estate and a goofy for our times.

Complete Show – Jan 2nd

Mike starts the year with a recommendation for what you can do personally to help bridge the growing divisions in Canada. Tim Cestnick tells us how to save on our taxes if you worked from home during the pandemic. And don’t miss the goofy award.

Complete Show – Dec 26th

What do Boxing Day sales tell us about Canada’s terrible record on taxation and productivity? And the willful ignorance of progressives as to how people change their behaviour in response. Plus a holiday special from our “How to” series on investing. Michael Campbell and Tyler Bollhorn share insights into how to use charts and basic technical analysis to make a huge difference to your stock trading. Just one of the many educational offerings for subscribers to our free e-news service.

Complete Show – Dec 19th

Mike announces the Quote of the Year – and the Shocking Stat of the year. Top analyst, Benj Gallander has a ten year average annual return of 18% – he talks about what he’s doing now. Plus the Goofy Award takes dead aim at over zealous pandemic enforcement.