Michael Campbell’s MoneyTalks – Complete Show

Entire Show – June 27th

Mike asks if the capital gains exemption on your home in jeopardy. Plus Eamonn Percy gives specifics on what business has to focus on to survive. Ozzie Jurock updates the latest on the huge insurance cost increases for condo owners.

Entire Show – June 20th

If there’s a 2nd wave of COVID19 should we change our response? Mike Levy talks about a major change to the gold markets. Plus in this week’s goofy Mike asks “is nasty the new normal.”

Entire Show – June 13th

Three well known journalists lost their job this week because they ran afoul of the movement surrounding Black Lives Matter.  You won’t want to miss John Cleese on extremism. Plus Brent Holliday on the big tech winners coming out of the lockdown and Jamie Switzer on dealing with volatility.

Entire Show – June 6th

Mike breaks the bad news that the current unrest is only going to get worse. Ryan Irvine drops by to update the World Outlook portfolio that ‘s up 25% in just 4 months. Plus Ozzie on the CMHC’s latest move to make buying real estate more difficult.

Full Show – May 30th

Mike shines a spotlight on how little we expect from our leaders. You’ll love ace analyst Peter Grandich, who has been on a terrific hot streak with his bull to bear timing. Ozzie weigh in on the question of whether you should sell, rent and then buy back in at lower prices.

Complete Show – May 23rd

COVID19 is serious but did it justify shutting down the economy.  Distinguished analyst,  Martin Murenbeeld talks his rosy outlook for gold and what’s pushing stocks higher despite the dismal economic news. Plus Ozzie takes aim at the negative CMHC report on housing.