Michael Campbell’s MoneyTalks – Complete Show

Complete Show – June 1st

Mike talks about the impact of government on your rising cost of living.  Oil analyst extraordinaire Josef Schachter talks about how you can make money in the coming bull market.  And you don’t want to miss the Quote of the Week or the Goofy Award.


Complete Show – May 25th

Mike talks about the unanimous court decision squashing the BC government’s push to usurp federal jurisdiction over pipelines. You don’t want to miss respected analyst, Greg Weldon roadmap explaining what’s coming next for interest rates, currencies and stock. Plus we have a great Goofy award.

Complete Show – May 18th

Climate alarmism is dominating debate. Not sure? Then wait til you read the new editorial policy of the Guardian Newspaper in our quote of the week.  Martin Murenbeeld tells us why he thinks stock are cheap while Mike’s Goofy talks about the latest assault on the justice system.

Money Talks with Guest Host Michael Levy – May 11 Complete Show

Michael Levy fills in this week to talk money laundering and the casinos that are turning a blind eye. Ross Clark and Ozzie Jurock join the show.

Complete Show – May 4th

Apocalypse Later – ““Some day this war on investors is gonna end….”

Danielle DiMartino Booth is the publisher of the acclaimed weekly Money Strong Investing Newsletter, CEO of Quill Intelligence and best-selling author of Fed Up: An Behind the Scenes Firsthand Look at the Federal Reserve. A veteran of Wall St and the Central Banks she is recognized as one of the top voices on economics and finance.Listen to this first-ever interview on MoneyTalks with guests host Victor Adair and Drew Zimmerman. Plus much more!

Complete Show – April 27th

Gasoline rises 20 cents a litre and the really loonie ideas come out of the woodwork.  Vision Capital’s Jeff Olin explains why he’s never had a down year with his unique way of investing in real estate. And you won’t want to miss Mike’s shocking stat and goofy.