Michael Campbell’s MoneyTalks – Complete Show

Complete Show – Feb 15th

Don’t miss Mike’s comment on the Coastal Gaslink protests. Top gold analyst, Martin Murenbeeld on where’s gold heading and Ozzie Jurock with a warning for condo owners and prospective buyers, And don’t miss the goofy award.

Live From The World Outlook Conference in Vancouver

Michael has pulled out all the stops with his star studded guest list that include Greg Weldon, James Thorne, Paul Beattie, Mark Leibovit and many more.

Complete Show – Feb 1st

Liberal Minister finally puts the context for Canada’s actions on the climate file. One of Canada’s best known analysts, Don Vialoux gives the lowdown on his favourite investment play of the year. And don’t miss the most outrageous goofy of the year.

Complete Show – Jan 25th

It’s a scary trend – critical thinking out the window as fringe ideas go mainstream.  Peter Grandich told us to buy gold at $1200 – it’s now $370 higher but what’s next?  Plus a Quote of the Week featuring the biggest political sex scandal in US history.

Complete Show – Jan 18th

In light of the latest report from Human Rights Watch, Mike asks an uncomfortable question about dealing with China. Vision Capital’s Jeff Olin drops by to explain his unique way of investing in real estate. Since his last visit in late September his recommendations are up 14% in under four months since.  And don’t miss the Quote of the Week.

Money Talks – January 11 Complete Show

Mike gets in trouble with the climate change set by asking a question. Timer’s Digest Top Timer of the Year, Mark Leibovit, gives the blueprint for what’s to come in the markets while Ozzie talks about real estate assessments and gives the forecast for Alberta.