Michael Campbell’s MoneyTalks – Complete Show

Complete Show – August 3rd

Mike talks about the creepiness of using children in the political wars. John Johnston drops by to talk interest rates, the cost of borrowing and what’s next for stocks.  Meanwhile Ozzie chimes in the “bottom” in real estate. And the shocking stat will really shock you.


Complete Show – July 27th

With the federal election within 90 days – Mike predicts that not one party will talk about the billions of tax dollars wasted.  Martin Straith drops by to talk about protecting yourself if the market goes down. And you won’t want to miss the quote of the week.


Complete Show – July 20th

Mike talks about the baloney of all the job promises made by politicians.  Aaron Dun drops by to talk about a couple of great ideas for people looking for higher yields and growth.  Ozzie weighs in on the old debate “to rent vs  buy.”

Complete Show – July 13

Mike talks First Nations support for the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion. Lance Roberts on what investors should do now while Ozzie talks the speculation tax and the resurgence of Alberta’s real estate market. And don’t miss the goofy award.

Complete Show – July 6th

Mike asks is it government’s job to put people out of business because that’s what’s happening.  Eric Coffin talks about what’s next for gold while Ozzie discusses the fall-out from the crash of pre-sale condo units. Hint: it’s bad news for affordable housing.

Complete Show – June 29th

Mike talks about cities that want to sue oil companies for climate change without first having a look in the mirror. The last time Patrick Ceresna was on MoneyTalks his main recommendation went up 50% – so what’s next.  Plus Ozzie on future trends that can make you money in real estate.