Michael Campbell’s MoneyTalks – Complete Show

Entire Show – September 18th

The Seinfeld of campaigns – in other words, “an election about nothing.” Ace analyst, Lance Roberts answers the questions “can we deficit spend forever” and “will central banks ever let interest rates rise.” Plus making money in cyber security, and the most shocking poll results of the year. Hint: it’s not good news.

Entire Show – September 11th

Instant smarts – the best interview you’ll hear on what the leaders debate should have said about your cost of living, economic growth, taxes and government debt with one of Mike’s favourite economists, John Johnston. Ozzie on the latest government real estate move that will make things worse. Plus a warning from 3 of the biggest financial firms in the world.

Entire Show – Sept 4th

Given its track record how can anyone vote for more government control and regulation. Looking for a homerun, The Trend Letter’s Martin Straith has two “off the grid” stock selections. Plus Ozzie on the outrageous secret report on foreign real estate buying. Plus one of the sorriest anniversaries in Canadian history.

1st Online and Podcast-only Show Is Now Available!

Mike talks about our biggest election concern. A must hear interview with super strategist, James Thorne on the election, inflation and the key trends driving the future. Plus don’t miss the quote of the week as a leading climate activist says enough of the over the top threats – and the goofy on the biggest head shaker of the election so far.

Entire Show – Aug. 21st

Two election issues that will impact Canada for generations. Mike talks about why it’s only Moneytalks podcasts from now on and stock picking genius, Ryan Irvine’s got a couple of new companies that few have heard of. Plus an ex-CIA ops officer on the fall-out from Afghanistan that will sends chills up your spine – and don’t miss the goofy award.