Michael Campbell’s MoneyTalks – Complete Show

Full Show – May 30th

Mike shines a spotlight on how little we expect from our leaders. You’ll love ace analyst Peter Grandich, who has been on a terrific hot streak with his bull to bear timing. Ozzie weigh in on the question of whether you should sell, rent and then buy back in at lower prices.

Complete Show – May 23rd

COVID19 is serious but did it justify shutting down the economy.  Distinguished analyst,  Martin Murenbeeld talks his rosy outlook for gold and what’s pushing stocks higher despite the dismal economic news. Plus Ozzie takes aim at the negative CMHC report on housing.

Complete Show – May 16th

Mike’s brilliant take of the essence of government.  Top analyst, Lance Roberts on the danger of record low interest rates and Ozzie Jurock on whether we’re about to lose the capital gains exemption of our primary residence.

Complete Show – May 9th

Some top analysts deliver a devastating blow on the government’s decision to lock down the economy. Plus arguably the most important quote of the year on COVID19 while in the goofy the CBC goes full on Fake News.

Complete Show – May 2nd

Are you kidding – “help wanted” signs going unanswered. Ace analyst, Don Vialoux talks about whether it’s time to heed the old adage – sell in May and don’t come back til after Labour Day. And don’t miss the goofy.

Complete Show – April 25th

Mike talks about the incredible speed with which capital is moving. Diane Francis on how Canada’s response to COVID-19 compares to other countries, while Vision Capital’s Jeff Olin shares the 5 things to focus on if you want to take advantage of the disruption to the real estate market.