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Complete Show – Dec 12th

What’s the worst pandemic financial/economic policy? Mike’s got a new entrant. Nick Otton drops by to talk about an alternative that pays 4 or 5 times more than government bonds or bank deposits. And you better sit down for the shocking stat.

Complete Show – Dec 5th

Mike still waiting for someone in Ottawa to take the massive debt build up seriously. Kent Chauvin has written a book about his 48 years as a stockbroker. He’ll share the big lessons he’s learned that can make us and save us money. Plus an all star shocking stat and goofy award.

Complete Show – Nov 28th

Can we really afford the massive debt our governments are running up? what are the consequences? In a rare interview, The Parliamentary Budget Officer, Yves Giroux gives us some no BS, no political spin answers. Plus a head scratching goofy.

Entire Show – Nov 21st

Mike looks at whether “The Great Reset” is a conspiracy theory as some suggest. Top analyst, James Thorne on why the next 4-6 weeks will be written about for centuries. Plus don’t miss the most shocking statement by the head of a central bank we’ve ever heard in our Quote of the Week.

Complete Show – Nov 14th

Mike starts today with answering the question – what’s the one thing to do to improve government policy. Ace technical analyst, Don Vialoux talks the investment implications of a successful COVID vaccine in early 2021. And Ozzie will shock you with how much governments add to the cost of a new home.

Complete Show – November 7th

There’s one big reason why the pundits and the pollsters blew it again… And it gets to the root a bad policy. Former Wall Street whiz kid, Peter Grandich talks about gold, silver and one investment market that no one’s talking about. Plus Ozzie Jurock on one government forecast that’s been dead wrong.