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  • It’s a website that I can trust. I like having Michael Campbell’s opinions on what I should be paying attention too. I still check in every day.
    ~ Chad W.
  • Michael Campbell has the wisdom to separate what is important and the confidence to speak honestly.
    ~ kdharc@
  • Michael is willing to explore outside the traditional ways of looking at investments and reach out to a wide variety of experts/professionals.
    ~ Vanni

  • Michael is good at sorting what’s important and what is just noise.
    ~ Harvey H.
  • I read for Michael for information, not confirmation.
    ~ I-Shen L.
  • Michael is honest and easy to understand. Most other services speak way over the heads of most individual investors.
    ~ Jim R.

  • I rely on Michael Campbell to alert me to things I should be aware of that the mainstream media doesn’t cover.
    ~ bbrady@

  • Michael gets great information and eliminates the need to search through lots of other useless material.
    ~ David B.
  • Keeps me current on what is happening in the markets, especially negative indicators.
    ~ bp.j@