Event page WOFC Testimonials

  • Thanks for the tickets, my wife and I both really enjoyed the evening and are looking forward to reading Tyler’s book and putting new strategies to work.
    ~ Doug Bowman
  • Thanks for another great financial show with Tyler the other night. Both the David Bensimon and Tyler Bollhorn shows were great.
    ~ Sherri Kottmeier
  • This conference was your best yet Michael! (Oct 10th, 2012)
    ~ Peter Barton

  • Great show today – as usual. Thank you for regular updates and an overview that is wise and forward looking. Also, thank you for calming my wife down, on a weekly basis about all the gold we bought and are holding.
    ~ Paul
  • Been a big fan for years. Thank you Mike for your great talk show and all the events you put on. They are a great source of information and help in these crazy times.
    ~ Charles Tutt
  • Thank you for being a breath of sanity in an irresponsible world dominated by an entitlement mentality. I am sure you must feel like a lone voice in the wilderness.
    ~ Ed Richmond