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Posted by Mark Leibovit VRTrader

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Stocks – BULL –

Well, Weird Wollie was behind us and the market rallied on Thursday. The question is whether it can hold its gains and whether indeed we can see some upside action during options expiration week. With Goldman Sachs in a freefall, is it deja vu from last April/May – the end result of which was the ‘Flash Crash’? Don’t know, but with traders and investors (including some major names such as Carl Icahn) lightening up and leaving the marketplace, liquidity will become an issue and ‘Sell May and Go Away’ makes more and more sense. Platinum subscribers took a trade in the inverse ETFs purchased on Wednesday and I’m on the sidelines in Gold and Silver ETFs. Spending more and more time scrutinizing the Leibovit VR Directional Weekly charts (courtesy of Metastock) for intermediate plays. It appears despie the fact I remain on my TIMER DIGEST ‘Buy’ signal, the market may not choose to accomodate. Stay tuned.

Gold – Bull –

I remain overall a bull, but short-term technical signals remain negative and except for the hoped-for ‘dead-cat’ bounce, I need more evidence before I can call a major bottom. I continue to hold my physical metals taking the longer-term view. Silver posted a lower low yesterday and then bounced while Gold held its previous low, so there was a positive divergence – somewhat encouraging. If we can get some positive volume going to the upside, there may be a trade here so stay tuned.

Bonds – Bullish –

Same comment here. I am bullish and would suggest buying the dips here. Bonds are finding buyers and my sense of sentiment is that few can hardly believe it’s happening which is bullish. Reversing to the bear camp would require the advent of negative volume and/or a break under recent lows in the treasuries.

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